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The 5 Different Types of Office Partitioning

Office partitions are essential in any functional office space. Although open-plan areas are great for collaborative work, there is always the need for private offices, meeting rooms, and customisable workspaces. If you’re considering office partitioning for your workspace in Tipton, here are the five different types of office partitions you can choose from.

1. Glass Partitions

These are modern, sound-proof, and look fantastic in any office. Glass partitions come in full and half-height panels, giving you flexibility in how you divide up your office space.

If you’ve got a noisy office, but you don’t want to ruin sight lines, these are great for reducing noise but allowing light to enter all areas of the workspace.

We provide glass partitioning with solid aluminium frames for an industrial look or frameless for a modern, sleek finish.

2. Floor-To-Ceiling Partitions

Also known as full-height partitions, these partitions help create individual rooms within an open-plan office space. These partitions can be easily reconfigured and moved as needed, which helps maintain the flexibility of an open-plan office while giving the option of separate zones.

3. Cubicles

Cubicles are the most common type of partition used in offices. They are easy to install, can be configured to suit your floor plan and provide enough privacy for employees without limiting access. They feature four walls with an opening for easy access, giving your staff room to personalise their workspace without losing sight lines to other employees.

4. Portable Office Partitions

This type of office partitioning has rollers attached to the bottom of the panel, making them easy to move around the space. If you need temporary partitions for your office, these are a great option. You can roll them out to act as a wall and then roll them up against a permanent wall when finished. These often have whiteboards attached to them to make them functional for temporary meeting spaces.

5. Accordion walls

For something a little more unique, accordion walls are versatile, economical, and elegant. This type of partition folds in on itself when not in use, saving space in a small office. They are incredibly easy to install and move around, giving a practical, cost-effective option for offices in Tipton.

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