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8 Benefits of Suspended Ceilings in Commercial Spaces

Suspended ceilings are common in retail spaces, offices, and other commercial settings. But what benefits do they give businesses? Without a suspended ceiling, you’d see the not-so-pretty pipes, ducts, and cables, but suspended ceilings actually have some other benefits other than camouflage. In this quick guide, we’ll show you the benefits to help you decide if they are the right option for your business in Tipton.

1. Affordable

Suspended ceilings are easy to install in offices and commercial spaces, which makes them an affordable option. They can also be installed with minimal disruption to your operations, meaning less downtime for your staff. Since they are also low-maintenance, they require hardly any cost to upkeep, making them budget-friendly in the long term, too.

2. Flexibility in Options

There are plenty of styles and designs of suspended ceilings, which means we can customise the look to suit your business premise. Whether you want the standard grid and tile option or something a little more unique, we’ll be able to accommodate your requirements.

3. Easy to Repair

If any of the components get damaged over time, it’s easy to swap out panels to do quick and affordable repairs. The panels are also easy to lift out and move to one side if a contractor needs to reach the ducts or electrical work above for any reason.

4. Added Soundproofing

We can install sound-absorbing panels to make an effective sound barrier between your floor and the one above. This is great if your office is in a high-rise and you have some noisy upstairs neighbours making it difficult for your staff to work in peace.

5. Improved Lighting

Did you know that suspended ceiling tiles come with a light reflectance rating and reflect about 90% of the light back into the room? This means you’ll have a lighter, brighter office, which can help reduce eye strain, fatigue and headaches.

6. Fire Rated

Ceiling tiles are fire rated to different levels. In general, they provide at least 30 minutes fire rating, but they can go up to over an hour, allowing for effective evacuation. We have a range of fire-rated suspended ceilings if this is a top priority for your office.

7. Add Insulation

Suspended ceilings give a much lower ceiling height, meaning less heat is required to heat the space. This means a more comfortable office for your employees and lower energy bills for you.

8. Resistant to Mould and Mildew

Most suspended ceilings are mould and mildew resistant, which is great in areas with high humidity (i.e., kitchens and bathrooms). Hygienic ceiling tiles are highly durable, bacteria-resistant, and won’t grow unsightly mould after months of use.

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